LIBERTAS wants to buy your old hardware and still can do these services for you:

  • Data Wiping – highest standards.
  • Decommision of systems
  • Packing
  • Transport
  • Resell, Recycle and E-waste
  • Meeting all EU regulations

Have peace in mind and let us do this work for you.


Let LIBERTAS to all the work for you – and still get money for your IT Budget!

When changing the IT data center there is a lot of hard work and regulations to meet to get rid of the old IT data center equipment. We have the specialist to take care of all the steps so you can keep focus on the new IT data center.

We will pay you a fair market price for the used IT hardware, and as our goal is to resell and reuse the hardware, we can together save the planet for this electronic waste.

Our good skilled technical engineers can go onsite and do all the data wiping, decommission, packing and arrange the transport.

If you want us to value your end-of-life (or soon to be) IT equipment, please contact us anytime and we can give you an offer within a day.